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Posted by Tim and Jessica on Mar 1, 2004
Places We've Been: Ecuador
The following are stories written about our travels in Ecuador. You can find stories set in other countries by returning to Places We've Been.
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Posted by Tim on Jun 18, 2009
Seeing Ecuador From the Roof of a Train
The best thing about the Devil's Nose isn't the wonderful rickety old railroad cars or even the amazing scenery. It's that you get to take in all of that scenery from atop those rickety railroad cars.
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Posted by Jessica on Oct 8, 2006
Eight videos from the Galapagos Islands
From time to time, your two traveling hedgehogs enjoy sharing some of the videos we've taken while traveling. The eight videos highlighted below were all shot in the Galapagos Islands off the coast of Ecuador in August 2005 during our around-the-world trip.
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Posted by Jessica on Nov 3, 2005
Thirteen More of Our Favorite Photos
We've chosen 13 photos this time and they cover our time in Ecuador (except the Galapagos Islands), Spain, England, and a sneak peek at Turkey.
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Posted by Tim on Oct 13, 2005
The Enchanted Islands
There was another pool, just over another stretch of painful lava, one which Mauricio would only let us into three at a time. When people returned from this pool, they wouldn't say what they'd seen, only that it had been amazing.
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Posted by Jessica on Sep 23, 2005
Magic Memories
Our guide had told us that every day spent in the Galapagos Islands will be more amazing than the previous one before it. When he first said this it was hard to believe, but he was right: every day there kept getting better and better.
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