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Posted by Tim on May 10, 2011
Off the Beaten Path on the Wild Coast, Part 2
There is a terrific peal of thunder as lightning arcs across the sky, making everyone jump. As the first raindrops begin to pelt down the wind suddenly whips up into a frenzy, swirling clouds of dust across the earthen parking lot. People shriek with surprise and flee to the cover of the shops along the edges of the lot, and for some reason it all feels uncomfortably like the end of the world for just a moment.
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Posted by Tim on Apr 20, 2011
Off the Beaten Path on the Wild Coast, Part 1
One of our favorite aspects of traveling is the "travel day" - those times where the entire day is more or less spent getting from one place to another. We've had dozens upon dozens of them over the course of our adventures together, and have generally loved every single one. But none of them hold a candle to this one.
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Posted by Tim on Mar 27, 2011
Ban Lung Part 2: Lights Out!
As soon as I stepped out of our room into the dim, empty hallway I could tell something was wrong. There was a bizarre, almost musical humming coming from around the corner, and the light was shimmering around oddly. Curious, I turned the corner, and beheld a scene that nearly defies description.
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Posted by Jessica on Mar 18, 2011
Travel is our Everyday Expense
There are a few people we've met who have been curious about how we're able to afford our travels. They're almost suspicious about how we can do it. We joke that perhaps it would make more sense if we had won the lottery: windfalls are sometimes easier to accept than budgeting.
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Posted by Tim on Feb 28, 2011
Bulungula Lodge on the Wild Coast
There's an enjoyable other-worldliness about the place. It would start right when we'd wake up in the middle of a completely circular room, with the pattering of the falling rain outside punctuated by the bleated complaints of the soaked livestock.
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