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Posted by Jessica on Mar 21, 2005
We May Buy a Cabana There Yet...
We spent our first hour in Punta del Diablo marveling at the sheer adorableness of it all. Tiny shacks, makeshift shops, cottages, cabanas, and what have you lined the roads...well, what one would loosely define as a road.
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Posted by Jessica on Mar 21, 2005
Blurry Cows and Palm Trees: A Travel Day
Feeling rather sleepy, the entire experience was rather surreal as the bus floated along effortlessly to the beat of the music, stopping now and then at pitch black cornfields to let on and off other passengers.
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Posted by Jessica on Mar 15, 2005
Thoughts on a Rooftop...
There are many things about La Paloma that make it so idyllic, so peaceful...so like what a home should be....
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Posted by Tim on Mar 15, 2005
I held up a bus in Montevideo!
Riding through Uruguay is like going backwards in time. There aren’t any SUVs here, just the occasional rusty VW Microbus or 70s-era Ford pick-up. The policeman who passed us going the other way smiled and waved at our bus driver. We passed more horses on the road than cars.
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Posted by Tim on Mar 12, 2005
In brief...
There´s a lot we need to update about, but we´re leaving to catch a boat in a few minutes. So for now, here´s the short, short version...
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