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Posted by Jessica on Jan 17, 2011
A Ridiculously Silly Slideshow
Everyone loves a fun slideshow, right? Right! Well, you'll just have to read until the end to watch it. (Or, I suppose, you could just scroll down to the fun part, if you like.)
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Posted by Jessica on Jan 12, 2011
How Hedgehogs Without Borders Got Its Name
In October 2004, we were brainstorming about what we could possibly call our travel website. Keep in mind, of course, there were very few travel websites back then so the sky was the limit for us. Pretty much any domain name we wanted that was travel-related was available. Which, in some ways, made it that much harder.
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Posted by Jessica on Jan 7, 2011
Favorite Photos of the Transkei Big Five
If you're planning on a safari in South Africa, undoubtedly you are familiar with Africa's Big Five. And even though we didn't go on a safari ourselves, we still had an opportunity to see another Big Five in South Africa: the Transkei Big Five.
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Posted by Jessica on Dec 20, 2010
The Elephant in the Room
Most people who hear we've been to South Africa are very curious about one thing, but are too shy to ask. So here's the answer to the question on everyone's lips about our time in South Africa. The answer that will, undoubtedly, make those who love South Africa cringe.
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Posted by Jessica on Dec 15, 2010
Nine Inconsequential Observations about Germany
We had a total of 19 hours in Germany during layovers to and from South Africa. This, of course, has made us the utmost experts in German culture. And you, dear reader, are probably eager to delve into some of the more subtle nuances of German culture we have unearthed.
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