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Posted by Tim and Jessica on Mar 1, 2005
Notes From Home

Although we're really fond of story telling, occasionally we enjoy general musings too. In fact, we enjoy general musings a lot. So when we're more in a "blogging" frame of mind – instead of telling stories from our travels or sharing travel tips – that's when you'll find us posting here in Notes From Home.

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Posted by Jessica on Mar 18, 2011
Travel is our Everyday Expense
There are a few people we've met who have been curious about how we're able to afford our travels. They're almost suspicious about how we can do it. We joke that perhaps it would make more sense if we had won the lottery: windfalls are sometimes easier to accept than budgeting.
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Posted by Jessica on Dec 6, 2010
Travel in 2011
While in South Africa, Tim and I had a problem we've never encountered before. (And by problem, I mean "something of absolutely no consequence whatsoever.") When people we met asked where in the world we would be traveling to next, we didn't have an answer for them.
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Posted by Jessica on Sep 15, 2010
Speaking at Meet, Plan, Go!
Tim and I had the pleasure of speaking on a panel of "travel experts" last night at Boston's Meet, Plan, Go event! It was a nationwide conversation with meetings taking place in 12 other cities with a goal of not only encouraging more folks to take a career break and travel the world, but to show them it can be done!
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Posted by Jessica on Aug 13, 2010
Bread and Travel
Since Nicaragua, we've had no idea where we wanted to travel next. So for several months we've checked out numerous guidebooks from the library just hoping that something would jump out at us, that something would click. Eventually it did.
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Posted by Jessica on Jul 7, 2010
Where Do We Go From Here?
Perhaps not surprisingly, travel has been one of the best ways to keep us distracted. Whether it's traveling itself or simply daydreaming about it, traveling has been taking care of us. And so now the question remains, where should we go next?
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