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Posted by Tim and Jessica on Mar 1, 2009
Travel Tip Tuesdays

While daydreaming about traveling can be nice, sometimes you just want to get down to the nitty gritty of it all. Travel Tip Tuesdays is our way of exploring some of the "How To" questions. It's a place where we impart some lessons learned. And, above all, we hope it's a resource for other travelers daring to live their dreams too.

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Posted by Tim on Feb 15, 2011
Public Transportation in South Africa
In the months leading up to our travels in South Africa, our research was getting a little discouraging on the transport front. It seemed that everybody, absolutely everybody, was insisting that we really really needed to rent a car in South Africa.
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Posted by Tim on Sep 7, 2010
Backpacking Without Backpacks
We've written before about the virtues we see in traveling light. Well, lately we've been taking that to an extreme. As hard as it is for me to write it, since we've so long described ourselves as backpackers... we will probably never travel with anything as big as a backpack again.
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Posted by Tim on Aug 19, 2010
The Golden Hedgehog Awards for Lodging, Part 4
Welcome back for the final installment of the Golden Hedgehog Awards for Lodging, wherein we recognize the finest and most spectacularly wonderful places we stayed on our round-the-world trip! After an unintentional delay of more than a year, it's finally time to unveil our grand-prize winner!
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Posted by Jessica on Jul 20, 2010
Coming Home After Your RTW Trip
Coming home after an around-the-world trip can be daunting. Is it as daunting as selling everything you own, saving like crazy, and then throwing caution to the wind and stepping on a plane with one-way tickets? Probably not. But your entry back home should require some thought before you leave.
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Posted by Jessica on Mar 16, 2010
Planning Your RTW Trip: How to Know Where to Go
If you adhere to no other tip on this page, adhere to this one. Keep an open mind. Be open to not knowing every place you want to go and the day you want to get there. Be open to not going to every place you think you will go. Be open to not planning every country, every city, every village, every stop before your trip.
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