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Posted by Tim and Jessica on Mar 1, 2004
Places We've Been: Turkey
The following are stories written about our travels in Turkey. You can find stories set in other countries by returning to Places We've Been.
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Posted by Tim on Nov 17, 2009
Home Again After our Honeymoon!
Well, we're back... home again, safe and sound, after a deliriously spectacular whirlwind honeymoon that spanned three countries and over 18,000 miles.
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Posted by Jessica on Jul 29, 2009
Must See Locations in Turkey
If you're hoping to travel to Turkey soon, take a peek at the top four locations we've recommended to some fellow travelers who are about to embark on their trip around the world. If you're not traveling to Turkey, this post may help change your plans.
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Posted by Jessica on Jul 23, 2009
Twelve Photos of Topkapi Palace in Istanbul
Sure, at US$13 per person Topkapi Palace is more expensive than most other sites in Istanbul. And no, that entrance fee doesn't cover everything. But on the other hand? Sometimes it's just awesome to see gorgeous examples of architecture and history and culture.
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Posted by Jessica on Dec 20, 2005
From Istanbul to Athens
We experienced nine lovely weeks in Turkey, and it will undoubtedly remain one of our most favorite countries. And all throughout our travels in Turkey, we knew what was in store for us at the end of our nine weeks: that 24 hour bus ride from Istanbul to Athens. The words overwhelming dread come to mind.
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Posted by Tim on Dec 18, 2005
Curling Up With a Book
Like Punta del Diablo and El Bolsón, Fethiye was a place that was very difficult to leave. We absolutely fell in love with our magnificent room and the quirky little harbor town around it, and saying goodbye to them was incredibly hard.
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