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Posted by Tim and Jessica on Mar 1, 2004
Places We've Been: Nicaragua
The following are stories written about our travels in Nicaragua. You can find stories set in other countries by returning to Places We've Been.
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Posted by Jessica on Sep 28, 2010
Our Daily Budget in Nicaragua
We found Nicaragua to be incredibly affordable (and super friendly), but we definitely splurged while we were there. We spent an average of $110 per day on this trip to Nicaragua. If we were on a long-term trip around the world, though, we believe our daily average would be closer to $65 per day for both of us.
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Posted by Jessica on Jul 14, 2010
The Beach at Las Penitas
The little road had dead ended at the very end of Las Peñitas. And it was here that our eyes were met with the startling blue ocean, vast expanses of sandy beach, and an endlessly bright blue sky. Everywhere we turned our eyes were met with picture perfect tranquility.
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Posted by Jessica on May 12, 2010
Thirteen Favorite Photos of Nicaragua
We had never been to Nicaragua before, or even Central America, but somehow our trip there last week felt like returning home. It was almost like all of our favorite parts of traveling were rolled into one country just waiting for us to explore.
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Posted by Tim on May 3, 2010
Hello From Nicaragua!
Our plane swooped low over Lago Managua, offering us a stunning view of both the lake and the city sprawling along its southern shore. The massive, cone-shaped volcano Momotombo loomed to the north, and below us the midday sun glimmered off of choppy blue waves and red-tiled roofs alike. It was our very first glimpse of Nicaragua. It was love at first sight.
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