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Posted by Tim and Jessica on Mar 1, 2004
Places We've Been: Argentina
The following are stories written about our travels in Argentina. You can find stories set in other countries by returning to Places We've Been.
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Posted by Tim on Apr 5, 2005
French Toast, Good Friends, and a Spectacular View
The first thing you should know about this cottage is that the photo at the top of the entry is the view from the front window. It’s in a spectacular setting, surrounded by mountains and forest and rolling hills.
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Posted by Tim on Mar 26, 2005
Catching Up: Happy Easter, Everyone!
Yes, friends, we returned to hated Montevideo. We really didn't have much of a choice: virtually every bus route to the west went through it. And it was getting late, so we resigned ourselves to doing something we'd promised we'd never do again: spend the night in Montevideo.
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Posted by Tim on Mar 12, 2005
In brief...
There´s a lot we need to update about, but we´re leaving to catch a boat in a few minutes. So for now, here´s the short, short version...
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Posted by Tim on Mar 6, 2005
A Fistful of Pigeons and 37 Liters of Beer
Afterwards, we went to a local bar where we drank liters and liters and liters of beer, shared embarrassing stories, and generally had a fantastic time.
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Posted by Jessica on Mar 4, 2005
We have arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina!!
After our first meal (which, randomly, was in some goth bar with pictures of the Cure and Freddy Mercury all over the walls), we were approached by a young man on the street who asked if we were looking for accommodation. (I think the backpacks, the map, and the confused looks gave us away.)
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