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Posted by Jessica on Oct 13, 2010
Two Layovers in Germany
We've scored ourselves two long layovers in Germany on the way to South Africa! We won't have very long there, but we're hopeful it'll be just long enough to give us a taste of Germany (much like our whirlwind trip to Paris at the end of our honeymoon last year) and a few hours to hang out with a dear friend too.
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Posted by Tim on Oct 6, 2010
Happy 33rd Birthday, Jessica!
Nearly eight years ago, I met the most remarkable person I’ve ever known. Today marks the occasion of her thirty-third birthday, and I wanted to celebrate by telling her a few of the things I love most about her.
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Posted by Jessica on Oct 4, 2010
Visiting Funspot: the World's Largest Arcade
Part of the fun of traveling is delving into a country's underbelly, those places that are just so damn odd they defy explanation. And Tim and I are big fans of quirky travel sights, so when our best friend asked if we wanted to go on a road trip to see the world's largest arcade (and the location of The King of Kong documentary), who were we to say no?
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Posted by Jessica on Sep 28, 2010
Our Daily Budget in Nicaragua
We found Nicaragua to be incredibly affordable (and super friendly), but we definitely splurged while we were there. We spent an average of $110 per day on this trip to Nicaragua. If we were on a long-term trip around the world, though, we believe our daily average would be closer to $65 per day for both of us.
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Posted by Jessica on Sep 20, 2010
Giving Money to the Homeless While Traveling
Whether at home or abroad, travelers have to decide if they'll lend a helping hand to the homeless people they pass along the way. What follows are the approaches we take when traveling which have helped us navigate this very sensitive and emotional topic.
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