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Posted by Jessica on Apr 13, 2005
So, you see, this is why the little notebook is quickly becoming the most valuable thing Tim and I own. This little notebook is capturing our memories.
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Posted by Tim on Apr 13, 2005
First-class Seats in a Submarine
But our driver was tougher than that. Some would argue that he was certifiable. Me, for instance. We were driving through this temporary lake so fast that long waves were coming diagonally off of the front of the bus.
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Posted by Tim on Apr 5, 2005
French Toast, Good Friends, and a Spectacular View
The first thing you should know about this cottage is that the photo at the top of the entry is the view from the front window. It’s in a spectacular setting, surrounded by mountains and forest and rolling hills.
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Posted by Tim on Mar 26, 2005
Catching Up: Happy Easter, Everyone!
Yes, friends, we returned to hated Montevideo. We really didn't have much of a choice: virtually every bus route to the west went through it. And it was getting late, so we resigned ourselves to doing something we'd promised we'd never do again: spend the night in Montevideo.
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Posted by Tim on Mar 26, 2005
Punta del Diablo: Five Anecdotes
By now, you’ve gathered something of what Punta del Diablo meant to us. Words and pictures alone will never be able to recreate what it was like there: the best we can hope to do is to offer is a taste of how it made us feel…
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