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Posted by Tim on May 12, 2005
Five Days in Puerto Madryn
The penguins were as amazing as we'd hoped. There were over one hundred thousand of them at Punta Tombo (being the largest colony outside of Antarctica), walking all around us. They were molting, and it seemed that some of them were allergic to their feathers: everywhere we were surrounded by the sounds of penguins sneezing. It was adorable.
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Posted by Tim on May 9, 2005
The Orcas of Peninsula Valdes
There's a place in Argentina called Peninsula Valdes. The killer whales there do something that they don't do anywhere else.
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Posted by Jessica on Apr 30, 2005
Cheesesteaks and Ketchup
For the past three days, we have diligently uploaded, sorted, and captioned 738 photos for the Photo Gallery. And these photos cover everything from the last few months prior to our departure up to our stay in El Bolsón, Argentina.
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Posted by Tim on Apr 28, 2005
Thirteen of my Favorite Photos
Within the next few days we'll be done uploading more than 700 new photos. If that sounds like an obscene number, it should be noted that in these first several weeks of our trip, we've already taken over 3,600 photos!
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Posted by Tim on Apr 28, 2005
Spanish Lessons and a Place Called Home
We're back in Buenos Aires now, so that Jessica can take Spanish classes and pass on to me everything that she learns (or so goes our plan). Each day, she has two hours of lessons (which she is loving), and then she spends the next two hours teaching me.
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