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Posted by Tim on Feb 21, 2011
In Praise of South Africa's Minibus Taxis
We have a confession to make: we're in love with South Africa's minibus taxis. They are probably our very favorite form of public transportation anywhere, ever. The next time we go there, it might be just to ride around in them some more.
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Posted by Tim on Feb 15, 2011
Public Transportation in South Africa
In the months leading up to our travels in South Africa, our research was getting a little discouraging on the transport front. It seemed that everybody, absolutely everybody, was insisting that we really really needed to rent a car in South Africa.
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Posted by Jessica on Feb 14, 2011
Ten Photos from Munich, Germany
Prior to landing, the pilot announced chilly conditions with a bit of rain. Even though we didn't have any umbrellas with us, we knew we'd still be heading out to explore the city for as long as we could during our 12-hour long layover.
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Posted by Jessica on Feb 7, 2011
Our Daily Budget in South Africa
We braced ourselves financially for our three-week trip to South Africa. From our research, we knew it'd be more expensive than any other country we've traveled to recently. But it turned out to be not nearly as expensive as we worried it'd be.
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Posted by Tim on Jan 30, 2011
The Magic of Rainhill Farm
Rainhill Farm lies nestles at the foot of the Magaliesberg Mountains, just outside of Rustenburg, South Africa. The whitewashed, thatch-roofed farm buildings are laid out in the shadow of a precipice called Cathedral Rock, gleaming in the midday sun just as they have for nearly a century.
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