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Posted by Tim and Jessica on Mar 1, 2005
Notes From Home

Although we're really fond of story telling, occasionally we enjoy general musings too. In fact, we enjoy general musings a lot. So when we're more in a "blogging" frame of mind – instead of telling stories from our travels or sharing travel tips – that's when you'll find us posting here in Notes From Home.

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Posted by Jessica on Apr 28, 2009
Speak to Me, Deep Fried Tarantula People
I normally wouldn't post this to our travel website. This conversation would usually just be between Tim and myself, most likely over some wine while we cooked dinner tonight. But curiosity has gotten the better of me. So I'm hoping one of the "deep fried tarantula" people can help me out.
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Posted by Jessica on Apr 23, 2009
That Time of Year Again
On our walk down to the water last night, I noticed something was different in our little town. Houses that sit silent in the fall, winter, and spring months had movement inside them again. And instead of our path to the water being lit only by the light of the moon, the soft glow of lights from front porches showed us the way.
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Posted by Jessica on Apr 17, 2009
Missing Thailand
I have recently come to the realization that I am cursed. No matter how hard I try, I just cannot get my Pad Thai to taste like it did from the street carts in Bangkok. For the rest of my life, I will be forced to pay $1,600 in airfare every time I want to eat proper Pad Thai.
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Posted by Jessica on Apr 1, 2009
Seeing the World Without a Passport
I'm looking forward to the sing-songy tones of Thai becoming part of my week again. And of course I'm looking forward to teaching and hopefully helping someone learn English too. But the things I'm looking forward to most are the same things I look forward to while traveling...
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Posted by Tim on Mar 18, 2009
Getting an Early Start
It's just after six o'clock in the morning right now, which means that exactly 24 hours from now we'll be receiving safety instructions from a flight attendant as our plane begins to taxi towards a runway. And about six and a half hours after that, we'll be landing in Mexico.
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