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Posted by Tim and Jessica on Mar 1, 2005
Notes From Home

Although we're really fond of story telling, occasionally we enjoy general musings too. In fact, we enjoy general musings a lot. So when we're more in a "blogging" frame of mind – instead of telling stories from our travels or sharing travel tips – that's when you'll find us posting here in Notes From Home.

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Posted by Jessica on Aug 19, 2009
Roller Coasters and Traveling
Stepping off the plane, my first few steps will feel so light, so airy because everything turned out alright. If we've arrived at our travel destination, I'll quickly lose myself in the intoxication that is travel. I'll soak up as much of the place that we're in, breathing it in, feeling it in every ounce of my soul.
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Posted by Jessica on Jul 27, 2009
Off the Beaten Path
Reading a recent LA Times article makes me wonder what most people consider off the beaten path. Given the article's introduction, I'm assuming people who aren't backpackers consider off the beaten path to mean places that aren't Paris or London. But can it really be that easy?
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Posted by Jessica on Jul 15, 2009
Planting the Seeds for Travel
India was never on our "must see" travel list. Speaking to other backpackers confirmed our instincts: for every backpacker who said they loved India, we'd meet three who couldn't stand it. Travelers always seem divided between loving and hating the country, and sometimes both at the same time.
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Posted by Jessica on Jun 12, 2009
How Travel Changes Us, A New Series
Prior to leaving on our round-the-world trip, Tim's dad asked how he thought we might change after our travels. Completely unsure at the time, I can't recall what answer we ended up sharing. But I'm glad he asked the question because it became something Tim and I spoke of often on the road.
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Posted by Jessica on Jun 1, 2009
Upcoming Travels to Colombia
A few months ago we received an email from our dear friend Klaus asking if we wanted to meet up with him in Colombia for a few days in June. Never one to turn down the possibility of meeting friends on the road (not to mention seeing a new country), we told him to count us in.
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