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Posted by Jessica on Feb 8, 2010
Nine Photos from Bangkok

Love it, hate it, and everything in between, Bangkok is a dizzying array of temples, shopping centers, business districts, and backpacker grottoes. As the largest city we visited during our round-the-world trip, it surely didn't disappoint with the number of activities we could do during our time there.

Bangkok definitely challenged my emotions on more than one occasion. Whether it was from homesickness, culture shock, or just the sheer exhaustion of navigating such a mammoth city, Bangkok wasn't my favorite place in the world our first few times through it. Of course, much of the time we were in Bangkok was spent doing "admin duties" like researching our next destination, refilling prescriptions, or filing our taxes back home. So that might be why it was initially met with my ill favor.

We passed through Bangkok four different times and stayed in the city for around two months or so. And it was during our fourth visit that my assumptions and judgments about Bangkok finally slipped away. By the time we boarded our flight to leave Southeast Asia from a city that surely never sleeps, I was already wishing for our return one day soon.

In honor of Bangkok (and indeed in honor of the country where we adopted our dog named Belly), I wanted to share some of photos from our time there.

'Everything is glittery and gold at the National Palace

'Locals and tourists alike frequent the pad thai foodstalls

'I'll admit that I wasn't crazy about some of the architecture in Southeast Asia at first, but soon enough I grew to appreciate its intricacies

'A tuk-tuk (basically a golf cart on steroids) driver waits for his next customer

'Taking a river taxi through Bangkok is a great way to avoid traffic and see some interesting sights

'The symmetry found in the buildings of Bangkok never got too old to photograph again and again

'If there's a fruit you want, you can probably find it in Bangkok (including Tim's favorite: dragon fruit, pictured toward the front)

'Our favorite river taxi – the one we took nearly every day while in Bangkok – turning around after dropping us off not far from our hotel

'Khao San Road: Home to everything colorful, including balloons!

Emerald Flame
February 8, 2010 at 5:18pm
These are absolutely love pictures! It is as if I am thumbing through the pages of National Geographic magaine.

Now for my annoyiong question…
Do you ever get that song fom "Chess" stuck in your head whenever someone says Bangkok?

February 8, 2010 at 5:49pm
LOL! Not until someone mentions it in a comment! ;)

*starts humming*

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