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Posted by Tim on Mar 12, 2005
In brief...

Sorry for the delay, everyone. Technical difficulties and all that.

There's a lot we need to update about, but we're leaving to catch a boat in a few minutes. So for now, here's the short, short version...

  • We bailed out on the Spanish lessons. There was some confusion, it seems, regarding the price, and we also found ourselves resenting being tied down to a schedule for two weeks. That, and Jessica's spanish has been serving us just fine. (She speaks spanish so so so much better than she claims she is able to.)
  • We need a beach. Buenos Aires is a beautiful city, and we do love it here, but it is one of the largest cities in the world, with all the crazy traffic and hectic crowds that implies. So we're off to Uruguay for a few days, to find a secluded beach no one has ever heard of, where we shall lay in the sand and play about in the water. For days and days. That sounds about right, yeah.
  • We went to a tango show a few nights ago. Expect to read a lot more about this.
  • We went to a football match (San Lorenzo-Chile) two nights ago. Similarly, expect to read a lot more about this.
  • We went to the famous Recoleta Cemetery (pictured above), home to Evita and several hundred cats.
  • You can get an entire pizza here for a dollar.
  • We never expected to make such good friends on our trip. It was hard saying goodbye to Rob and Caroline a few nights ago. It was hard to say goodbye to Stuart and Jema on Thursday. It was devestating to say goodbye to Paul and Caroline last night. These are all people I now count as friends, good friends, and I hope to run across them again in our travels.

Well, it's almost 7am, and it's a long walk to the docks from here. We're supposed to meet our boat to Uruguay at 8am. We're not sure what kind of internet access we'll have from whatever little beachtown we wind up in, so it's possible we won't be able to post again for another five days or so. But don't worry about us. We absolutely couldn't be happier right now.

March 12, 2005 at 7:45am
I do hope the tanning is au natural, nasty tan lines and such. Jess, I miss you so. Went to Finnigans last night, tried to drink with the gang to get over your loss, but alas I don't drink like I used to and I still miss your face. Tim-she owes me a beer.Be safe. I'm living vicariously through your adventures.
March 12, 2005 at 9:48am
Fun on the beach… That sounds awesome. Can't wait to see those pictures!
March 12, 2005 at 11:37am
Have an amazing time at the beach… enjoy! I'm so glad to hear (read) you so happy. You'll have plenty of time to share the stories later on, and trust me, we want them… but go live them now. So much love to you both!
March 12, 2005 at 2:35pm
love to hear the stories of the tango and the footy match. but there is so much time for that. go enjoy the bliss of every moment.

and, thanks for sharing pieces of this with us.

laura f

March 12, 2005 at 4:02pm
I knew you wouldn't get lessons LOL I know you to well, I'll see Braulio (Profess Bob) in a few weeks so i will ask him about accom in Peru, if you guys try to let me know where you will be in the city or the Jungle I can tell him, there is no hurry though…have fun
March 13, 2005 at 7:34pm
Hey guys! I haven't had a chance to write yet because I was having trouble accessing the website. It all looks SO awesome. I'm very envious of your beautiful weather! You sound like you've already met some great people. I guess that'll be the hardest part; meeting great people and then moving on. You guys will be our connection if we ever need to go to a place. I miss you already. Nothing exciting going on here. Endless job interviews for jobs I'm not sure I want. But I'm still going strong so hopefully I'll find something. I'll let you know. I'll keep checking when I can. Have a great time and get me a sock monkey or something!


March 16, 2005 at 4:49pm
Hey guys sounds like guys are having a good timr. i only have a minute becace i have a meeting but just wanted to say i love u both. okay bye bye for now.

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