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Posted by Jessica on Mar 13, 2008
Good Lodging Recommendations for Cuzco?

Hey Anita! Thank you so much for your kind words. That really means a lot to us.

The hotel we stayed at in Cuzco is called Casa Hospedaje Kuntur Wasi. It's located in the San Blas section of Cuzco and is a bit of an uphill (!) walk from the Plaza de Armas. But we couldn't speak more highly of the place – very welcoming, very safe, sweet staff (especially the owner), and cozy. (Ok, and it's a bit chilly too! But so is all of Cuzco in May!)

We ended up not going on a Machu Picchu trek because they were all booked by the time we arrived in Cuzco. (On our trip, we usually didn't reserve things ahead of time... which usually worked out great BUT Peru's government had just changed the trekking rules for the Inca Trail that year, which meant that available spaces became very limited and they were already booked up months and months in advance.) At first we were really disappointed by the realization that we wouldn't be able to do the hike, but in the end it worked out great. We still had a great time at the ruins, and the cash we saved helped go towards our time in an ecolodge in Ecuador (Yachana Lodge – we highly recommend a visit there if you're headed to Ecuador). The train ride up to Aquas Calientes (the little town nearest to Machu Picchu) was also really enjoyable.

That said, we have many friends who have said the highlight of their travels was the Inca Trail trek. So if you get the chance to trek with a reputable company, you might want to grab it! (Remember that cheapest isn't usually the best when it comes to Inca Trail treks. The cheaper the trek usually indicates a lack of quality in guides, food, and how they treat the porters. So paying a bit more is usually worth it for several reasons.)

If you are able to do a trek, one piece of advice we've heard is to opt to stay overnight in Aquas Calientes the day the trek ends at the ruins. (Most people just see the ruins on the last day of their trek when they're absolutely exhausted, and a few of our friends have mentioned how they didn't really get to see the ruins at all because they were too tired to look at them.) And even if trekking isn't something you end up doing, we definitely recommend staying overnight in Aquas Calientes, spending a few days at the ruins, and climbing Waynu Picchu too.

Hopefully some of this info is helpful. And definitely send us an email if you have any questions! We love chatting with fellow travelers!

Happy Travels,
Jessica (and Tim too)

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April 7, 2009 at 2:54pm
I just wanted to say that we stayed at Kuntur Wasi in Cusco, at the recommendation of the Hedgehogs, and it was great just as promised! The owner was super sweet and helpful.

We also did a five-day trek to Machu Picchu but it was not the 'official' Inca Trail – there are other/cheaper options that don't have to be booked in advance, check out the trekking agencies around the Plaza de Armas in Cusco.

I also visited Yachana Lodge in Ecuador in 2007 after reading about the Hedgehogs' post – another fabulous recommendation!

Thanks guys, and I'm super happy you're back in the saddle wrt to the website – excellent reading while at work and day-dreaming of traveling :)

…a fellow Travel Addict

Tim the hedgehog
April 8, 2009 at 1:02pm
Hey Deb! How have you been? Thank you so much for the kind words. We're super happy to be back again writing for the website! It helps us daydream too! (And oh how we miss our time at Yachana – what a wonderful place.) :)

Super good tip on the other trekking options. Thanks! We'll have to check that out next time we're in Peru. Good stuff. :)

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