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Posted by Jessica on Mar 22, 2006
Four of our Favorite Videos from Buenos Aires

From time to time, your two traveling hedgehogs enjoy sharing some of the videos we've taken while traveling. The five videos highlighted below were all shot in Buenos Aires, Argentina between March-May 2005 during our round-the-world trip. Enjoy!

Gaucho Performs with Boleadoras
Filmed in March 2005 at a show in Buenos Aires, a performer demonstrates his skills with boleadoras while dressed in the traditional clothing of a gaucho (somewhat equivalent to the North American cowboy). Boleadoras are a handful of rocks bound together with long leather straps and were used for hunting when thrown at an animal, effectively tying its legs together to prevent it from fleeing. Watch as the performer quickly wields the boleadoras to the sound of drums and the cheering of the crowd. (You'll hear our good friend Caroline cheering at the end of the video too!)

Madres de Plaza de Mayo
Filmed in March 2005, the Madres de Plaza de Mayo (Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo) march silently every Thursday in front of the the Presidential palace (Casa Rosada or the Pink House) in Buenos Aires. The mothers march in protest of the 30,000 "disappeareds," the sons and daughters of Argentina abducted by the government during the Dirty War (1976-1983). Seeing them in person was an incredibly moving experience. (In January 2006, the Madres made their final annual March of Resistance around the Plaza, saying the current government is no longer indifferent to the fate of the disappeared. The Madres still march every Thursday, though, in honor of other social causes.)

Musician Performs in San Telmo
Filmed in May 2005, listen as a musician from the group Trio Gotico performs a piece of classical music on his acoustic guitar in San Telmo. (We couldn't resist buying one of their CDs!) As the oldest barrio (neighborhood) in Buenos Aires, San Telmo is home to an exciting (if not a bit pricey) antiques market every Sunday which is when you can also find numerous musicians, artists, and dancers performing on the cobblestone streets.

Locals Dance at Outdoor Market
Filmed in May 2005, watch as local Argentineans dance in the street at the Feria de Mataderos (the market of Matederos, a neighborhood in Buenos Aires). Popular with locals more than tourists, the Feria de Mataderos is held every Sunday and has numerous artisan stalls, performers, and fantastic food: perfect for any traveler's enjoyment. Located a bit outside the usual tourist circuit, we first discovered the Feria de Matederos per the recommendation of Jessica's Spanish tutor, Alejandra.

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